Rise Kombucha (Canada)

Photo: Urbania.ca

Photo : Urbania.ca

Sebastien is a dedicated innovator whose vision and dedication has been an important part in helping the company attain the production quality needed to be at the forefront of our market!

Simon Bertrand, President

Synerchi Kombucha (Ireland)


Photo: Organic Trust Ltd.

Working with Mannanova solutions helped me develop my product and processes with ease. His help was a pillar in the success of my company. With his involvement, we were able to bring up production by 800% and avoid any major issues with production.

– Laura Murphy, President

SO Kombucha (France)

Photo: François and Nawal

Mannanova accompanied us perfectly in the development of our kombucha. Sébastien knew how to listen to our expectations and helped us implement them at every stage of our process.

– François and Nawal, Founders

Ryno & Greg’s Crafted Beverages (Australia)

Photo: Ryno & Greg

Mannanova took the guess work out of growing a successful kombucha company. His process design and trouble shooting is invaluable.

– Ryan and Greg, Founders





Crudessence (Canada)

La Panthère Verte (Canada)

Eternity kombucha (Tunisia)

Urban Kombucha (Switzerland)

Evolve Kombucha (New-Zealand)

Ziva Kombucha (Slovakia)

Manu Tea Faktur (Germany)

Fairment (Germany)

Carpe diem Kombucha (Austria)

Lokki Kombucha (France)

Lois and the living teas (England)

Sarah Kombucha (Haiti)

Mamachari Kombucha (USA)

Boochy Mama (USA)

Mother Kombucha (USA)


… And many more.