Are you looking to…

  • Start up your food or drink venture?

  • Scale up production?

  • Fine-tune processes?

ServicesMannaNovaWhether you are starting from scratch or are an already well-established entity, MannaNova can help guide you through the many facets of development, preparation and execution. We can help you with:

  1. Product Research and Development: Bringing ideas to reality
  2. Feasibility and Cost Study: Working within your means
  3. Business Operations & expansion planning: Setting objectives
  4. Production optimization & standardization:
    Significantly increase your end-product output
  5. Setting quality assurance guidelines:
    Moving from artisanal batches to consistent batches
  6. Equipment selection advice: The right tools, the right product
  7. Market Research: Know the opportunity and the obstacles
  8. Consumer appreciation study: Taste testing
  9. Commissioning and training: Ensuring swift delivery and execution
  10. Regulatory guidelines adaptation: i.e. Controlling alcohol content

Over the years, MannaNova Solutions has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of food and beverage development, from the preliminary phases of food product development up to market distribution, expansion  growth of production and product line expansion.

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